About Us

Joanna Barker and Tara Zutshi founded Beacon Women after years of working with senior women in organisations and hearing their dissatisfaction with the male dominated cultures in which they found themselves. They realised that if more businesses were going to keep more of their female talent and develop them to be the board members of the future, something different had to happen.

Joanna and Tara have both experienced life as senior executives in industries that valued autocratic leadership. They subsequently left those industries to train as coaches with the Coaches Training Institute. After completing an intensive year long leadership programme they developed the Beacon Women Programme to promote emotionally intelligent leadership that supports gender parity in business.

Too many women leave large organisations to either set up their own businesses or start families; the choices outside the business look more attractive than staying within the business.  If this sounds like a familiar story then you need to speak to Beacon Women.

Joanna Barker
Tara Zutshi
Some of the individuals and teams that we have worked with.