Sponsorship Workshop Participant

Great information, great interactive workshop. I have a good feel now for how it works-appropriate and insightful.

Kirstin Furber People Director BBC Worldwide

Thank you Beacon Women great session with great feedback

Lenka Dvorakova Senior Retail Consultant

I met Tara and Jo only a couple of days ago, but they has already made a huge difference in my life. I am an ambitious woman climbing up the career ladder which is not easy. And there can be several reasons for that. 

Tara and Jo have great charsima and passion for their new mission, which is increasing the number of senior women in business. How? Answer is Sponsorship. Why I love it? Because its practical, based on human exchange and passion for work.

Their seminar introduced me to the sponsorship concept, which I see as a unique way of paying forward-both for the sponsor and sponsee.

You cannot miss the opportunity to talk to Tara and Jo.


Eve  Jones 

A momentous day.  I am already someone who thinks deeply about myself and carefully considers my motivations for action. I’ve had coaching before and this was something radically different. The immense spiritual and therapeutic effect of spending a whole day with myself, facilitated, guided and steered by a verycapable, wise hand, almost invisibly, is indescribable. The process allows you to access the wisdom within and it’s great to discover it is actually there! Each new exercise brought surprising revelations and ideas. The clarity, focus, and decisive outcomes are also very new to me. This is going to have impact. One of my actions was to go running every other day. I’ve kept it up, and I have a sense of being able to trust myself to continue. I feel I’ve taken a big step into a new phase of my life and work and I am very excited.

Equal benefit for heart and mind. Incredible.

Thank you, Tara!  

Simon Newton, Client Development Director

Tara offers fantastic insight in a personable and actionable way. The whole workshop was well constructed and delivered with total relevance for the delegates and the output required.  Tara’s ability to share her own superb knowledge whilst drawing on the experience of the team around the table made the workshop overtly successful, engaging and enjoyable. Post workshop feedback not only demonstrates to me that the delegates scored the day highly, but also that they are using the models provided, which is the true measure of success. 


Senior Partner -Beazley

Jo has been just amazing, she has really got to the core of what was holding me back (and I have realised that these things are the same in both my personal and work life).  She is extremely fair but tough when she needs to be, and also adapts on the day depending on where I am on that day. 

Founding Director - Top 15 New Media Agency 

Working with Jo at has enabled me to grow at an accelerated rate both personally and professionally. This has had a positive impact on my team, the company and our clients. I have been challenged to work in a true to my personal values and I am more efficient and motivated as a result, with a clear understanding of my direction. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get where they are going quicker. 


Creative Director - Publishing 

Coaching has let me turn my emotions into a science. Coaching has enabled me to see my behaviour as others might. Jo, by moving me around the room and being direct you have had a big positive impact. The relationship has opened my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking.