Companies with more women on their boards were found to outperform their rivals with a 42% higher return in sales, 66% higher return on invested capital and 53% higher return on equity - `Davies Report  2011`

Representation of women on boards has doubled since 2011 and is now at 26.1% Davies Report 2015

Progress has been made but the pace of change needs to accelerate with a focus on the talent pipeline and future growth.

There are know no all male boards in the FTSE 100


Enrolling the change makers

Most companies today have a viewpoint on the `gender issue` and many have some form of solutions based approach in place.There are two positions commonly adopted by companies when looking at gender diversity. Firstly to convince those with influence that a gender balanced business is a better business and secondly to convince women that choosing to stay is worthwhile.Beacon Women works with businesses that already know that a diverse leadership team is good for the bottom line.We work with the senior team who have the influence to create the changes needed.

It is our mission for women to be able to choose corporate life over running their own business or choosing motherhood as their main life role.

Having 100% of the talent recognised and utilised not only makes good business sense, it is morally and ethically right.

We work with men and women to promote inclusivity and an environment for change.

Here are some links to some useful research on gender diversity in business