Do first impressions still count?

21st Oct 2013

We all know this old adage, but is it still relevant in the 21st century workplace. According to research by the Centre for Talent Innovation the answer is yes. They produced a report called "Executive Presence" in which they have identifed 3 pillars for Exective Presense - Gravitas, Communication and Appearance. 

CTI's work is copyrighted, so if you want the full report follow the link at the bottom of the page to buy it. Reading it certainly made me think about how organisations should be much more pro-active about supporting women through the maze of unwritten rules and protocols of what is acceptable in one organisation and not in another. 

In our work we actively promote the use of formal sponsorship programmes to help redress the balance that the unconcious bias of senior male executives tend to create.Part of sponsorship is delivering feedback my question is 'Do senior executives that are now sponsoring more women have the feedback skills to deliver the right messages to young female execs who are maybe not quite getting it right? It can be a real derailer to a young women's career to be percieved in the wrong way, just because she is unaware of the impact that she creates. 

Make sure that your female talent pipeline does not become blocked because no one is prepared to tackle this issue. 

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Do first impressions still count?