Fake It Until You Become It

6th Oct 2012

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy studies the link between non-verbal communication and power.

Exploring how our `non-verbals` govern how we think about ourselves as leaders.

Our bodies change our minds.

Our minds change our behaviour.

Our behaviour changes our outcomes.

The minds of powerful leaders have high testosterone levels -increasing the ability to take risks and  low cortisol levels-decreasing stress levels. In this TED talk she reports findings that prove that a simple technique of `power positions` can change the levels of these hormones.

At Beacon Women we use this technique when working with female leaders, as by changing behaviour we can directly influence how we see ourselves and the impact that we have on those around us.

Although `faking it` can be alien at first, the new way of working soon becomes integrated and internalised and the brain is reconfigured until eventually the new behaviour becomes part of our authentic leadership style. 

So, taking up a `Wonder Woman ` power pose before that next big presentation is scientifically proven to increase your chances of a powerful impact.

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Fake It Until You Become It