How to break free from a victim cycle

30th May 2014

In organisational life, it is easy to become caught up in a blame or victim culture, it can be overwhelming. However we have to realise that we maybe contributing to this, we have to take responsibility and accountability for our own behaviour and create the results we want to achieve.  

We probably all remember the story of the Wizard of OZ, the story is a journey where all of the main characters gradually learn that they possess the power within themselves to achieve the results that they want.

Until the end they believe that they are victims of circumstance as they skip down the road to see the all-powerful OZ in the Emerald city. Who they believe will give them the courage, heart, wisdom and means to succeed. The journey itself empowers them, but they must travel the yellow brick road to gain full awareness. 

We love this story because we can relate to the journey of travelling from fear to courage, paralysis to powerfulness from victimisation to accountability.  However most of us do not realise that we may ourselves still be stuck on the yellow brick road because we have allowed ourselves to become victims of circumstances by blaming others for our situation instead of taking accountability.

It is a thin line between success and failure, when we are below the line we blame others and justify why things are the way they are, falling into the victim cycle. When we are above the line we have a sense of reality, ownership, commitment and create solutions to problems and take  determined action.  When we are role models for above the line leadership we create ripples of accountability all around us. 

If you find yourself in this victim cycle you may want to try using this PDF to coach yourself through the situation and move yourself to accountabilty.

We are running a workshop for a Women in Leadership group using this methodology if you would like us to run this for your women's network, then please get in touch. 


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How to break free from a victim cycle