How to create change for 2014?

21st Nov 2013

Great Teams and Leaders reflect and learn. 

"If you always do what you always did, then do not expect a different result", Tony Robbins version of this quote has a bit more american slang, but he is  absolutely right. It is really important in this fast paced technology driven age that we live in, that we allow ourselves and our teams time to think, reflect and learn. 
Below is simplified version of Kolb's learning cycle, this is the theory behind experiential learning. 

To review, learn and create better results, these are steps to take yourself or your team through.

  • Review and reflect on 2013- What happened in 2013 and how do we feel about it?
  • Conclusions- What worked well, what do we want to change and what do we want to stop doing and start doing? 
  • Planning next steps- Decide what is going to change and who is accountable for making it happen. Try creative thinking techniques to find new solutions. This is where having a Team coach or Executive coach can be invaluable as you are able to test out ideas and plans, and have someone to hold you accountable. In the team situation it is really important to check that you all aligned around any changes and action plans. 
  • Making it happen- Now it is time to take action, after a period of time you can start the process over again, hence the cycle. 

This simple tool can be highly effective in understanding what needs to change and then thinking about possible solutions. 

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How to create change for 2014?