How will you make 2014 your best year yet?

2nd Jan 2014

Are you just getting back to work today and realising that you want to make some changes for 2014, is that promotion or new challenge beckoning to you? if so, here are a seven ways to help make it happen.

Take time to reflect

This is a great time to think about where you are with all the areas of your life and notice where you want to make changes. The wheel of life is a great way to do this. Mark each area of your life out of 10. If anything if less than an 8, think about you need to do to move the score towards 10. 


Create Values driven goals

When you know what you want to change its time to create some goals. You may have heard of SMART goals. Stretching, Measureable, Achievable Resonant and Timed, resonant means aligned with your values. 

So for example one of my values is Collaboration, so it is important that my fitness goal is about running with my running friends, I know I will not achieve it on my own. Another tip is to make your goals positive rather than negative. For example I could write a goal that I lose weight so much weight by a certain date, but my goal this year  is "I will have a flexible firm and healthy body and weigh 62kg all year" So infact it is more of a positive intention, I am not there yet but I will be soon. Another tip is to share your goals with someone close to you, so they can help keep motivated to achieving them. 

Let go of unhelpful beliefs

We all have that little niggling voice, that comes out and makes unhelpful comments like, "you are not good enough" or "you do not deserve this" or "nobody values your opinion". When you hear this voice pop up, just remind yourself of what you are good at, think about all of the things you have achieved in your life.  if you know what your values are focus on these and how this change you want to achieve will be supportive of your values. It can help to write all of the critcal comments you hear and then burn the paper, create a ceremony to allow yourself to let go of all of the negativity. 

Focus on the positive

Start to keep a journal and everynght before you go to bed, focus on all of the positive things that have happened or you have created. It could be as simple as noticing a beautiful flower or being paid a compliment. This simple practise will remind you or all of the great things you already have in your life and because you will become more mindful of them it will mean you notice more and create more postivity around you. 

Create a Vision board

Think about all of the goals that you want to achieve this year and then find some pictures in magazines or on the internet and create a big colurful picture or collage. You might want to add the the specific goals as well. Put this up somewhere in your home to be a visual reninder of what you want to achieve this year. It has been shown that pictures are a good way to stimulate our subconcious mind. 

Find yourself a sponsor

If you want to step-change your career this year, then finding a sponsor will be really important. A sponsor is more than just a mentor, they are someone who will advocate for you and make sure your name is mentioned when promotions or big project opportunites are being talked about. There is lots more information on the website about sponsorship. 

Hire a coach

The items above all things that you can do yourself, but if you are struggling with making some of them happen then its time to engage a coach. A coach can really help with creating powerful goals and holding you accountable to creating change. They are there for you as a sounding board when you have difficult decisions to make. Beacon Women offers different types of coaching programme to suit your needs and circumstances. Everything from One Day Intensive Vision Retreats to 6 month Executive programmes. Get in touch if you would like more information about how we could support you.


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How will you make 2014 your best year yet?