Talks for your Women's network

1st Sep 2013

At Beacon Women we are pleased to offer a selection of sessions that we know your women's network would be interested in. They are not just talks, we encourage discussion and involvement in our sessions making them highly interactive and thought provoking. 

Connecting with Sponsors to supercharge your career

  • How to recognise when you need a sponsor
  • Identifying the best sponsor for you
  • Managing a successful sponsorship relationship

Authentic Leadership

  • Based on the Leadership Circle 360 profile
  • Creative and reactive leadership tendencies
  • Leading with Emotional intelligence
  • Purposeful Leadership

Creating effective business relationships

  • Creating collaborative relationships
  • How to maximise the synergistic effect

Executive presence

  • Understand how you impact others
  • Knowing your strengths and utilsing them

Creating a culture of accountability

  • Recognising when you have fallen into the victim cycle
  • The steps to accountability

How to manage your stress

  • What are the sypmtoms of stress
  • What choices could I make to reduce stress
  • Learning some simpe techniques to help you manage your stress

If there is another topic you are interested in then please call us, we are happy to create new sessions.

Tara 07816 908 662   Joanna 07786 685849


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Talks for your Women's network