The 50% Club

26th Feb 2015

Great to see that a government department is leading the way with gender balance, the Department for Business, innovation and Skills in Nov 2014 reached a point where of its 170 top leaders 50% were women, quite an achievement. 

In the civil service 53% of the workforce are women but they only hold 38% of the leadership roles, this is substanstaiinally higher than in a lot of businesses, but when Martin Donnelly became permanent secretary for the BIS in 2010 he decide to make gender parity a personal priorty. 

They started by working on behaviours and values and really internalising it to create the right culture that would be more supportive of women. They also needed to make the organisation more trusting and less hierarchical. 

For more information on how they achieved these amazing results the full article can be found on the link below.

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The 50% Club