The Slight Edge

2nd Jul 2014

I love to read with my book club and I also read a lot of business and self-development books. I was recommended this book recently so decided to give it a go. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, is not going to win any prizes for the beauty of the prose and its message is not ground breaking, it all makes perfect sense.

What I noticed when I read it is that we all hear common sense ideas and then do nothing with them, his message is simple, the line between success and failure is quite small, it all comes from the little decisions we make hundreds of times a day. This can apply to our health, diet, business and relationships. We make choices to do something or not do it, and sometimes we think the decision to not do something has no consequences. However everytime we do the small postive things that take us towards our goals or Vision, they build up over time, and likewise everytime we take the easy option and don't do something, this adds up over time, taking us away from our goal. Obvious really, but I know I often don't do the things I should, its sometimes way to easy not to do things! 

Since reading the book I am making small changes and I am already starting to notice the difference, going to the networking evening rather than staying at home and watching TV. Having a glass of water instead of a cup of tea, getting up and meditating every morning. Whilst the decisions are only small, I feel better about myself every time I make a good decision, and that has an impact on the rest of my day.  And I know if I keep doing these things consistently it will have an effect on my whole life. It's all about creating positive habits to replace my bad ones and doing it consistently.

Here are Jeff's advice about creating Slight Edge Habits.

  1. Show up- just do it - hestitaion and procastination can sap your energy.
  2. Show up consistently - keep doing it everyday.
  3. Cultivate a positive outlook - there is lots of research that proves that positivity is good for you, your relationships and business.
  4. Be committed for the long haul - its a bit like farming, plant the seeds, nuture them and then harvest. Most successful people are not sucessful overnight, it takes dedication. 
  5. Cultivate a burning desire backed by belief - this allows you to keep going even whan faced with problems. Successful people see problems as opportunites.
  6. Be willing to pay the price - the price maybe not be huge, it maybe choosing to walk rather than take the bus, or pick up the phone rather send an email, it could be chosing to have an apple rather than a chocolate bar. But these small actions repeated daily over time will bring you rewards.
  7. Practice slight edge integrity-do the things you have commited to even when no-one is looking.

So what are the things you are going to commit to doing everyday that will take you towards your goal or Vision? Start small and take baby steps and keep doing it and who knows where it could take you. 

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The Slight Edge