Women in the boardroom

10th Sep 2012

Why are there so few female executives running brands?

This recent feature in Marketing Week entitled `Women in the boardroom. Why are there so few female executives running brands? ` makes the link between successful branding and women in board positions. When `BrandZ `valued the top 100 global brands they found that 77 of them have women on the board.

One of the main arguments for having more women at the top is that consumer buying decisions are predominantly made by the women in the household. It follows that if you want to get into the mind of your consumers it might help to have a female CMO. There is a certain irony in the fact that until last year the board of directors at `Mothercare `was all men.

The feature goes on to ask a panel of female CEO`s how women can improve their chances of getting ahead and while much of the advice such as `hard graft` is not unique to women there is a recognition that women bring different insights to men .

Female Leadership development programmes and mentoring are both sited as significant elements in attracting and retaining women within business. Microsoft UK`s CMO Philippa Snare adds that mentors helped her to build a career by focusing on what made her happy rather than `false` achievements such as hierarchy and position.

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Women in the boardroom