Executive Coaching

Beacon Coaches are matched with clients through a `sample session' process to ensure dynamic working relationships.

Where necessary we then carry out an assessment of current leadership capability through a diagnostic process that may include MBTI® or Leadership Circle Profile TM analysis.

  • We hold a three way meeting with client and line manager prior to coaching
  • Coach and client have a planning session to agree outcomes
  • Agreed action plans at the end of each session
  • Support for progress and accountability in-between sessions

Beacon Women run five coaching programmes tailored to contribute to a more inclusive, authentic and female friendly culture.We design bespoke programmes that facilitate individuals to understand their current position and its challenges, to build on their own resources and to decide and implement what they want their future to look like.

1. Maternity Coaching

  • Identity: Motherhood and management
  • Balance: Managing Energy, expectations and boundaries.
  • Integration: Visibility and New Networking

2. Inclusive Leadership Coaching

  • Authenticity: Values and Leader style
  • Role Modelling: Presence and influencing
  • Impact: Profile and Self Management

Read about our 360 Leadership Diagnostic.  Click here :The_Leadership_Circle_Profile.pdf

3. Career Coaching

  • Vision: Creating the future
  • Planning: Perspectives and action
  • Potential: Strategy and Objective

4. Vision Intensive

  • One day 1-to-1 deep dive coaching experience
  • Alternative to a 6 month coaching programme
  • A chance to step back, review and plan. 

Read About Our Vision Day Click here :Vision_Intensive_Beacon_Women.pdf


5. Group Coaching

  • Creating a supportive learning community
  • Peer accountability
  • A cost effective method to support and embed learning