Why Sponsorship-Why now?

When we talk about sponsorship, we mean a business relationship where the sponsor is much more than a mentor. The main differentiator is that the sponsor advocates for the sponsee, actively introducing them to new people, projects and opportunities.

So why now?

  • Increasing pressure on businesses to improve diversity levels.
  • Impacts the culture to support the progress of women
  • Studies show that monitored sponsorship programmes are the most effective way to improve diversity.*
  • Reports have identified that women are over mentored and under sponsored.
  • Creating a sponsorship programme is a cost-effective way of empowering women 
  • The responsibility for progress is with the business not the women.

Beacon Women can help ensure that your sponsorship programme is effective by helping you design the process and monitor the outcomes. We educate the senior leaders around unconscious bias and enable your high potential women to make the most out of these relationships.  

*Gender Balancing Its Good business. ReedSmith.