Mindfulness and Meditation



We are delighted to announce we are bringing the tried and tested practices of mindfulness and meditation to the buisness world - Corporate Soul

The regular practice of mindfulness and meditation brings harmony and peace to individuals, allowing them to understand their purpose and be fully engaged in their life and work. 

With employee engagement being at all time low and stress and anxiety causing billions in lost working time and productivity. it's time to take a new look at an ancient solution.

We have created a range of programmes to suit the budget and needs of your organisation, from Mindful Executive Coaching to group workshops for up to 12 people.

Our aim is to enable the individual to design their own practice to suit their lifetyle. Utilizing face to face experiential training supported by virtual sessions,with access to audio and video recordings to create a truly embedded  solution. 

All of our facilitators and coaches have been using this practice in their own lives to reap the benefilts and are certified by Bridging Minds Ltd. 

For more information and a free 20 minute phone consulation call

Tara Zutshi on 07816 908 662